Become an Export Sales Agent of Australian Made Products


The global economy is formed on a basis of international trade and is the primary income for most countries.

“Australia made up to $300Billion in exports in 2019 and is increasing profits yearly”

Such a boom in exporting has encouraged many businesses to start reaching out to international customers and they are seeing the profits!

Modern technology is changing to allow individuals to join the big companies in a changing world of trade.


For Australian sellers to export a product, all they need is a catalogue, a basic ground in Australia and knowledge of where they want to sell.

  • The hardest part is establishing an understanding of your target market meaning that this job is ideal for people who often travel overseas or have close connections with overseas buyers.

Ozhands believes that anyone can export! We have made it so that any individual can reach out and start making some easy money without any experience. All you need is a product that you would like to sell and someone to sell it to – We’ll take it from there.

The Australian Aspect

International orders can cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars and as a seller, it is crucial that you can maintain funds throughout the long transaction processes. We will manage all aspects of the sale until the very end so no money ever needs to leave your account. Once the sale is finalised we will send you your profits with no requirements from you!

Our team’s extensive knowledge of the Australian and international markets guarantees that your transaction will be 100% secure.

As an established Australian business, Ozhands already has the reputation and knowledge that consumers are looking for making us perfect for those just starting out in exporting.

Overseas Knowledge

Overseas markets are not the same as here in Australia. There is a much higher scam rate and much less trust between buyers and sellers. This explains why the drive for Australian products is our credibility and trust in quality control – international buyers are willing to pay a premium price for Australian quality products. It’s hard for an individual with little to no background to prove their reliability – Joining with Ozhands is just what you need! Having an established ground provides a competitive advantage.

Your only job as a salesperson is to find a buyer overseas. For those working/ frequently travelling overseas it could be a neighbour or colleague, a local store owner or friend. For those who have moved to Australia from overseas, it could be an Uncle or old friend. Anyone at all who you can find who is interested in your product.

Online Catalogue

Our web catalogue is the perfect online shopping platform for clients to browse and buy from. Click here to see how Ozhands has redefined online shopping or browse our catalogue in the above tabs.

Listing your product on a known catalogue optimizes your search performance giving you more exposure to potential customers. If you try to sell without listing on a catalogue, it becomes harder for a buyer to find your site but by listing your product on Ozhands, your product is suddenly available to our many regular customers and consumers – and it’s completely free.


Once you have settled on a product you want to list/sell, and have someone to buy it, send us the details and we’ve got it from there.


What Happens Next?

Behind the scenes of this, there is an extensive series of steps to get the product from point A to B.

Such include contacting suppliers and regulating supply guarantees to make sure that we are ordering a legitimate product. Then we must secure a letter of credit to be approved by national and international banks before the transfer and processing of funds which can take weeks! Shipping logistics and communication with international seaports, container loads and logistics and negotiating international legalities. Through to contracts and product checking and approval must all be completed before any money is released. Throughout all these steps it is also crucial to maintain communication with international clients – which can be hard because of language and time barriers.

There is a whole other corporate world of intense logistics that must be followed when shipping a product. All these complicated processes are why so many business people chose to stay local.


But Ozhands has got your back! We are here to change the game. As the first of its kind, we have combined freight forwarding with a logistics agency on an online marketplace and will take care of every step along the way. See how we are changing the online economy here

We have redefined the process and have created a system that means individuals looking to enter international markets can skip the hard stuff. Our job is to help you do yours.

Ozhands allows individuals to join the international trade market and begin to make a difference in the global economy without having to go through the complicated process of international export. Why not do it! Anyone can export.

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