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Why am I being Redirected to another site?

To Provide best service to you some retailer/manufacturers chose to take orders directly thru their own online store.
If you are being redirected that means you are ordering directly with suppliers. Please read their policies before ordering.

Ordering at Retailer's Online Store

I have issue with my order, what do I do?

Please contact the retailer, their contact details should be listed in your order confirmation or in their website contact section.

I have complaint regarding a retailer!

We apologize in advance for your unpleasant experience with one of our retailer. Please put your complaint forward with the retailer and send us a copy of it if you wish, to keep in our record. We will follow our internal process.

Ordering at OzHands

Why Multiple Shipping Charges?

You order has multiple products from multiple sellers, than you will see multiple shipping charges, just because it is just different store in different location.  

How to request refund

Every item is listed by a store. Please head to store page, right under the store banner there is Get Support button. You can contact the store if you like to request refund.

You can find the store by searching vendor name listed on your order details. 

Where is my tracking number?

You can find the tracking details in your order details when vendor completes the order. 

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