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Why OzHands

OzHands.com.au – Export Oriented Shopping Platform for “Made in Australia” Products only.

We are Unique!

Retail Shoppers can Buy directly from your online shop. When you list your products at OzHands, shopper gets forwarded to your online store to buy. It is like ebay or amazon, except, here you get paid directly and no need to manage another seller dashboard and of course, no commission to pay.

Importers can send you wholesale enquiry (serious importers only). Overseas buyers who are interested to import and buy wholesale quantity from you, can use our message board to communicate with you. There is no restriction on what information can be shared. To filter out serious wholesale buyers only, we charge a very small fee to send enquiries.

We organise all the export related activity for you and your importer – Door to Door export service. Once you have agreed a price with the buyer and if you choose us to handle all your documentation, insurance, freight and export procedures, we will have the products delivered to destination country or address. Pretty much, we will grab your products from your door and take it all the way to customer’s preferred destination.

In a nutshell, it is like Aliabab for Australian Made Products, but much better!

Retailer Shoppers

When you shop at OzHands, you do not pay to OzHands, you are buying directly from retailer at their online shop. You can compare and view all your options and choices in one place. We have biggest collection of Australian Made Products. We do not charge any commission, it is more saving for you and sellers. OzHands is a true online shopping mall where you walk in and shop from the stores. 

Wholesaler and Importers

You can contact and negotiate directly with Australian Manufacturers. OzHands act as your local agent who perform all duties on behalf of you. We will make sure that you purchase experience is as smooth and efficient as possible. Our vision is to make your purchase as simple as if there is no difference between buying 1 or 1000 units. We will make sure the quality meets your expectation and no hassle which will create most trusted relationship between supplier and buyers through OzHands.