Why OzHands is Different?

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No Commission?

We do not take commission. Can you believe it; sellers can get more customers, sell their products on a third party site but does not need to pay commission. Where would you find a marketplace like that? OzHands does not charge commission. Sellers pay one flat rate per listing (below $1).

Buyers Pays to you!

We do not take your money, buyers buy your products but marketplaces take that money! We think it is not fair. Seller is selling; they should get the money directly. We made that possible, if the buyer likes your item, they will buy it directly from your site, which means you will get the money right away. Where would you find a market place like that? No one likes a show-off, but we will now, we are the first of such kind. The customer buys and pays directly from the seller’s store.

Super Easy and Fast listing Functions

When a seller joins a marketplace to list their products to sell, the hardest part is the hours they have to spend to add their product details. Seriously, copy and paste is an easy job but not when you have to do it a few hundred times!

OzHands made this part of the job fun! The seller can add all their products without those few hundred clicks. We have ItemSycn for woocommerce based sites and Shopify Connect to have all their products listed on OzHands in less than 5 min. We can’t explain how easy it is, you have to give it a try.

And obviously it is secure and OzHands not getting any other information that is not publicly available in the seller’s site. These are – Name, Description, Price, Images, Categories, and Tags if available. Only the information buyers must need to see.

Still Not convinced? “Advertisement”!!!

Most of the business can never beat eBay or Mayer or David jones in advertisements. Do you know why they can keep the top spot of advertising? Because they sell more than one brand’s products? For example, Country Road does not need to spend a huge amount of money on advertisements, because Mayer doing it for them. All they have to do is, make sure their product is available at Mayers.

This OzHands is eBay for Aussie Made products. Now you do not need to advertise alone, we will do it for you, we will do it for all Aussie Makers. We will able to sit next to those giants and advertise your products at the top stop of the Advertisement. All you have to do is, make sure your products are available at OzHands and you can do it without paying commission!

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