WPC - 🇦🇺 Australian Whey Protein Concentrate




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SFA WPC is an ideal protein powder for people who are on a low carbohydrate, weight loss diet or can be used as a clean muscle gainer.


Gluten Free AU Grass Fed Cattle Rich in Amino Acids
Free from rBGH No GMO’s No artificial ingredients


Australian Whey Protein Concentrate (Emulsifier soy lecithin) , Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavouring, Guar Gum (Natural Thickener) Stevia (Steviol Glycosides) *contains milk and soy


Rich Chocolate Per 30g Serve Per 100g
Energy 473Kj 1577Kj
Calories 113cal 377cal
Protein 20g 66.6g
Fat, total 1.8g 6.1g
– Saturated 1.1g 3.6g
Carbohydrates 4.4g 14.7g
– Sugars 2.3g 7.7g
Sodium 51mg 170mg

Amino Acid Profile per 30g

Essential Non Essential
Isoleucine 1.26g Histidine 0.33g
Leucine 1.98g Alanine 0.98g
Lysine 1.80g Arginine 0.42g
Methionine 0.49g Aspartic Acid 1.98g
Phenylalanine 1.30g Cysteine 0.51g
Threonine 1.30g Glutamic Acid 3.32g
Tryptophan 0.33g Glycine 0.33g
Valine 1.12g Proline 1.12g
Serine 0.89g
Tyrosine 0.59g