Woolwash Shampoo


Woolskin Woolwash Shampoo: The only product Two Sheep recommends to wash your sheepskin products, Woolskin Woolwash is gentle & effective



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Woolskin Woolwash Shampoo Features: Meets the high standard of Merinomark Made & developed in Australia in conjunction with local tanneries Woolskin Woolwash & Sheepskin shampoo is the only wool wash suitable for washing sheepskin products Safely washes sheepskin without damaging the leather Specially formulated to put the natural oils back into the hide keeping sheepskin soft Contains a blend of Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle oils – pleasing smell Hospital standard antibacterial properties Can reduce the “prickle” in coarser wools Eliminates “wet wool” smell Can be used as an everyday laundry detergent for sensitive skin Concentrate liquid only approx. 20ml per wash – economical Works effectively to kill: Dust mites Pet allergen Bacteria Odours Ideal for use on: Sheepskin Wool Alpaca Mohair Wool/Possum blends Please note: Made in Australia 250ml Concentrate bottle Meets Australian standards AS44801 & AS4146 providing chemical disinfection Footwear Size Guide