T-Zone Silicone Cleanser & Massaging Facial Brush


The Genova T-Zone Facial Cleanser features a heated temperature function, providing you with the ability to remove dirt within your facial T-Zone quickly and effectively. The Genova T-Zone’s ergonomic design and soft silicone bristle touch points allow the device to easily glide within all parts of your facial T-Zone, giving you a clean and outstanding end result. The Genova T-Zone Facial Cleanser has 5 power levels.



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The Genova T-Zone Cleanser operates in 2 different modes: Daily Facial Cleaning (1 touch operation) incorporating a heating mode which will simply and effortlessly open the skin’s pores to remove the buildup of dirt and debris T-Zone Deep Cleaning (2 touch operation) which combines a high and low scale system of vibration in order to remove stubborn dirt within the T-Zone area. Using the Genova T-Zone facial cleanser is a revolutionary experience. The ergonomically designed device is extremely easy to use and will provide clean and radiant skin across your T-Zone area, ultimately ensuring that you will love your results.