Small Classic Kennel


Kumfi Kennels’ fully insulated homes provide your pet with the protection they require from the elements and other dangers such as unwanted animals or humans. The EPS-FR insulated panel design, ensures the maximum comfort and protection for your beloved pet. The perfect addition to your backyard or working dogs’ area.



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Design features This traditional kennel has a high pitched insulated roof and a doorway designed to maximise the insulated properties of the kennel. The doorway is centered on the front wall, an eave has been built into the roof for added protection. The roof opens from front to back for ease of cleaning and routine maintenance. This also aids in training your pet to use the kennel. A single latch at the front of the kennel helps to seal the roof in position and allows you to move the kennel. An insulated raised floor assists to keep your pet warm and damp free. Chew resistant specifications Made from quality Colorbond steel encasing a block of EPS foam which results in a tough and durable product. The EPS-FR insulated panel design ensures the maximum comfort and protection for your beloved pet. The insulated panels have an anti-bacterial coating (Colorbond Permagard), which makes it virtually impossible for bacteria to grow as long as a maintenance schedule is maintained.