S1000DX Caravan Surge Protector Ampfibian’s S1000DX is the complete surge protection package. Designed specifically for caravans, it offers 1000 joule surge protection, is weatherproof and has a unique outlet tester which warns if plugging into incorrectly wired outlets. Because the S1000DX sits outside your van it protects your whole van, including inverters, battery chargers, tv’s, fridges and laptops.



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And, whilst a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and a residual current device (RCD) will protect against overloads and electrocution, they will not protect against power surges. These are caused by distant lightning strikes, power outages and generators running out of fuel. Most campground cover, product warranties and caravan insurance specifically exclude damage from power surges but with the Ampfibian S1000DX complete surge protection package you will always be covered.