REVIEWS LUXURY PULLUP BANNERS If it’s time to upgrade to a premium form of advertising, look no further than Vivid Ads and our luxury pull up banners. As the name suggests, these banners operate on a spring mounted rolling system and are known for their ease of use. Your design will be vividly printed onto a polyester film, with a support pole holding the whole banner together. Due to the quality of the materials used, there’ll be no sight of the support pole peeping through the material like with more flimsy designs.



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Our luxury pull up banners are the ideal tool for your promotional and branding efforts due to their visibility and size. The light-blocking material used at Vivid Ads also helps your design stand out, with the high definition print packing further punch. When your pull up banner is no longer needed, or needs to be moved to another location, it can be effortlessly retracted into the frame and packed away into the complementary carry case it comes with. So why choose Vivid Ads to create your luxury pull up banner? We offer: A turnaround time of just 24 hours Discounts on bulk orders Flat price delivery HP Latex prints that stand the test of time Easy online ordering process for ultimate convenience HP technology across all our designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction A free carry case included with all pull up banner orders Choose from our Small (800 W x 1400 H), Medium (800 W x 2000 H) or Large (1000 W x 2000 H) display sizes, and order online to receive breathtaking results in just 24 hours.