Linen Savvy | Laundry Wash


Highly Concentrated – up to 34 Washes Scented with ‘Charmant’ our signature naturally derived fine fragrance Plant based, natural & organic, luxury wash, free & clear with no hidden nasties, cruelty free Created for linen/flax linen, cotton/organic cotton, bamboo and other natural fabrics and blends, clothes, bed linens and home linens Made in Australia, 500 ml/16.9 oz



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We developed this beautiful natural detergent product for those who are serious about caring for their clothes and bed linens, particularly sustainable fashion and home products. Our expertly created luxurious and gentle liquid laundry wash cleans, refreshes and extends the life of quality garments, bed sheets and household linens made with cotton, linen, bamboo and other items made with natural fibres and natural fibre blends. Consciously created for convenience, specialist care and for mood boosting with our unique scent “Charmant”, we use only natural and organic ingredients carefully selected to be kind to your skin, your health and the environment.