Klevacool™ Caravan Fridge Internal Fan Kit


Tired of your caravan fridge not cooling your items in the fridge door? Our Klevacool (pronounced Clevercool) internal fridge fan reduces frost build up & ensures your fridge cools evenly! It works by circulating the air inside your fridge, ensuring cool air gets to all areas. This system fits all fridges, gas or electric.



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FREE EXPRESS POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE! CERTIFIED AUSTRALIAN MADE! Please read important notes at the bottom of this page before ordering! If you don’t have fins inside your fridge, self adhesive hooks can be selected from the drop down boxes. If you have a small Thetford fridge, there may be no drain tube to use for the wiring. The wires will have to be run out the door & underneath the fridge to access power. Self adhesive cable mounts, to make the wiring neater, are available in the drop down selection box.