Food safe snack bag to keep your snacks handy. Choose your print from the drop down menu Fits biscuits, crackers, fruit pieces and anything else you want to snack on Throw food straight in the bag no wrapper. Bag is lined with food safe fabric.



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Food safe snack bag. Made from laminated cotton and lined with procare food safe fabric. Listing is for 1 snack bag. Choose your print from the drop down menu. Waterproof, machine washable and dish washer safe. Easy to wash and fast drying Size approx 12cmx 15cm ( 6″x5″) great for any food from crackers to watermelon pieces. Keeps food secure with firm (velcro) hook and loop closure across the top. Side seams inside the bag are covered and neat to prevent leaks and make for easy cleaning. Waterproof inside and out. Snack pouch is easy to clean and fast drying. Lightweight fabric folds down easily for travel and storage. BPA free, Phthalate free. Handmade in Australia