Create Your Own Pamper Pack Gift Box


Don’t just think about what is in the box, think about what’s outside the box. Here you will be able to create a beautiful gift box tailored just for the person you are purchasing for. Whether it is for a friend on her birthday, graduation, wedding day, you will not only be able to personalize what’s in the box, but you will also be able to personalize the actual box front with a special message and or photo.



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You will be able to choose 4 products from the following options. if you wish to swap any of them out with other products that are not included in the option or you would prefer to have 2 lots of one product option, for example you would like two different bath salts instead of one, this can be arranged. However additional cost may be incurred.

Price listed is the product using the default options on product listing. Prices will vary depending on options selected. Price start from approx $25