Copper Egg Border


Border Size: – 1840mm or 6ft approx. length. Available Borders: – Under/ Under design – Under/ Over design (Pictured) LIMITED STOCK. Larger quantities can be pressed to order. Please contact us for special orders



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The Egg Border features a small oval, twisted pattern and is available in the standard border length of 1840mm. The Egg Border is now available to be pressed in mill grade copper for a stunning ceiling effect! It can be matched with any Pressed Tin Panels® copper panel design. It can be left un-coated to discolour over time or please read our Panel Coating Information on clear coating in order to retain it’s natural shine. Click here to go to the Egg Border pressed in aluminium For comparison of the border profiles of the design, against the other cornices, please click here for the Border Profile- Actual Sizes. Product Specifications: The borders are made from a specialised, mill grade copper that is approximately 0.55mm thick. Please note surface scratches may be present as a result of the manufacturing process. Under/ Under borders have two flat edges for installation of panels on both sides. Under/ Over borders have one flat edge for installation of the panel and a top finished edge. Updated die: this pattern has been enhanced. Updated die pressing measurements may differ slightly from old die pressings and the profile is intensified. Please click here to contact us for more detailed product, pricing and/or supply information.