Coloured Sealer - Water-based


Floorshield is rapidly becoming one of our most popular products. It is a water based acrylic/urethane blend which outperforms traditional solvent based sealers in almost every way. It has an extremely low odour making it perfect for people with allergies or people who are conscience about the environment. It is self-priming on most substrates and is perfect for DIY and professional application. Available in almost any colour in an attractive Low Sheen finish it is perfect for re-coating previously sealed concrete driveways/patios. It even sticks to old solvent based coatings! Mix in some of Shieldcoat’s Anti-Slip Wax Beads for a P4 wet slip rating as well. Note: Floorshield is not recommended for use on steep driveways or paths. Even when anti-slip is used, a concrete sealer will get quite slippery when wet. In this case please look at using our STEP SAFE KIT instead. Coverage = 6-8sqm/Lt so 1x15Lt is usually enough for 2 coats on a standard driveway



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