Classic Short Ugg Boots


These unisex boots are the most popular and best selling boots at Sydney Rams. No fancy additions. No fashionable trends. Just your classic chestnut UGG boot.



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The interior of these boots are handcrafted from the finest double faced Australian Merino sheepskin for the perfect snug fit. These boots also feature a lightweight EVA sole with a reinforced heel, making each step light and comfortable. The specialty for all Sydney Rams UGG Boots is the use of an extra piece of suede covering of the seam running straight down the back of the boot. The seam at the back of the boot is where it is most vulnerable; therefore having a covering will enhance durability and reinforce the boot. These calf-height boots also have soft foam inside covered with genuine sheepskin. These boots can be worn in outdoor or indoors. The double stitching in the seams of the heel give extra strength and reinforcement to both the foot and the boot.