Camping Peg Kit Sale (Aluminium Key Head Tent Peg) SALE


DESCRIPTION Includes: 20 x Aluminium Key Head Tent Peg (6mm x 175mm) 1 x Small Peg Bag KEY-HEAD WIRE TENT PEG If you always end up bending your tent pegs every time you go camping, then this is going to make pitching your tent so much easier.



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The point of the peg has a chisel point to make it easy to drive it straight into the ground. This design also has a unique key shape which makes it simpler to hammer it into the ground and will lock it in to prevent it from spinning. Pitching a tent on the hard ground doesn’t have to be a difficult task with the Key Head Tent Pegs from Supa Peg. Key-Head™ design reduces bending Light Aluminium Designed to key into the ground to prevent rotation Chisel point to easily penetrate hard ground or through some tough objects