Bygum Peppermint Oil


Bygum Peppermint Oil is a Premium Quality 100% Pure Essential Oil produced from MENTHA Arvensis and suitable for Aromatherapy, personal and all household and commercial uses For a healthy natural home enjoy the wonderfully uplifting aroma of 100% pure Peppermint Oil



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Add a few drops to your oil burner, humidifier , diffuser or natural scent scent pot; use when washing floors or in a spray bottle Peppermint oil is a widely used essential oil and can also be used to naturally deter pests around the home Put a few drops on cottons balls and place in areas of unwanted infestation such as under kitchen benches on in pantries Use a cotton bud or similar to wipe over areas such as door jambs, window sills or other points of entry Repeat every 2-3 weeks or as required Plus if you enjoy creating your own special home environment try out some of these great oil blends for aromatherapy use: HAPPY DAYS: 3 drops PEPPERMINT OIL 3 drops LAVENDER OIL 3 drops LEMONGRASS OIL ENERGISE : 2 drops PEPPERMINT OIL 1 drop FRANKINSENCE OIL 2 drops LEMON OIL FOCUS & CONCENTRATION: 2 drops PEPPERMINT OIL 4 drops LEMON OIL 6 drops ROSEMARY OIL CREATIVE: 1 drop PEPPERMINT OIL 2 drops LEMON 3 drops FRANKINCENSE OIL 1 drop ROSEMARY OIL SNEEZY WHEEZY: 2 drops PEPPERMINT OIL 2 drops EUCALYPTUS OIL 2 drops TEA TREE OIL CLEAR HEAD: 2 drops PEPPERMINT OIL 1 drop EUCALYPTUS OIL 2 drops LAVENDER OIL 1 drop ROSEMARY OIL