Blended Triple L Luxury Bath Soak




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Blended Triple L Luxury Bath Soak (Lavender, Lemon & Lime)

If you’re feeling a little flat, throw some of this gorgeous blend into a bath of warm water. This blend comprises of beautiful essential oils such as lavender, lemon and lime and smells absolutely divine.

With the natural elements such as magnesium and essential oils you will be left feeling energized and ready for a night out on the town.


Magnesium Sulphate
Pink Himalayan Salt
Essential Oils
Lavender culinary
Lemon Rind

This product does not contain any added colourants, so will not leave your bathtub with a colour ring

Directions for use

Use in the bath as a luxurious allover body soak by simply adding the recommended amount (1 cup) to warm water and soak for approximately 20 min”