Australian made cast-iron Olympic plates (Sold individually)




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Australian made cast-iron Olympic plates are made to order with a 10-15 business day lead time on manufacturing and a further 3-5 business day shipping time.

Have you ever seen the movie Pumping iron?

If you have ever set foot inside a gym with a TV in it, it’s likely you have seen footage of bodybuilding legends Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu and Mike Katz throwing around old-school cast-iron weight plates. These are those plates.

Our plates have been forged locally using Australian labour, materials and expertise.
We have designed our plates to bend bars, push boundaries and take a huge amount of punishment.


Sold Individually
Accurate weight tolerance of < 2.0% Centre hole size - 51mm Plates are machined on both front and back face making them perfectly flat with edges machined square. Colour: Black Recommended For: Body building Strength and Conditioning CrossFit Boxes Commercial Gyms PT Studios Home gyms