Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil


Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil Australian Blue Cypress essential oil, is a remarkable natural cobalt blue colour essential oil, naturally enough, this blue essential oil, is joyfully calming and grounding. It is also good for tired joints and muscles. Botanical name Callitris intratropica Ingredients 100% v/v pure Australian Blue Cypress essential oil.



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Directions and More Uses Aromatherapy Oil 2 to 4 drops in a diffuser, oil burner, a couple of drops in a vaporiser, 1 to 2 drops into a bath, add and spread out 1 drop as a perfume to the desired area. Blend Australian Blue Cypress Essential oil with Essentially Australia Oils: Honey Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Australian Sandalwood Other Oils: Geranium, Lavender Massage Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil 10 to 15 drops per 100ml of carrier oil. Main Chemical Compounds Guaiol, Eudesmols, Sesquiterpenes The Blue colour, guaiazulene is responsible for the cobalt blue colour. Australian Blue Cypress oil in an Australian Blue Cypress plantation, a unique Australian essential oil, Northern Territory Precautions It is non toxic, non irritant and non-sensitising and is registered for perfumery. It can be applied neat as a spot application. However there have been a few isolated reports of allergic reactions to the oil (similar to Tea Tree) when applied directly to the skin, so patch test the skin first. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from direct sunlight. Store below 30 degrees. Do not ingest. Other Common Names Northern Australian Cypress Pine. Natural Occurrence in Australia Found in the monsoonal parts of northern Australia, including the Northern Territory’s Kakadu, Queensland’s Cape York and Western Australia’s Kimberley regions. Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil Characteristics Blue (cobalt blue sky) in colour, with a viscous consistency (honey like), and a smooth, sweet woody aroma.