Aumore Wool


Aumore Wool’s Beloved quilt comes with 100% down’s wool or 100% alpaca fleece fill. Both sides of this quilt are wrapped in an even mixture of ultra-soft Egyptian cotton and sensual long staple cotton. We’ve put our hearts into this quilt, and it shows. The fabric is covered with a beautiful flower pattern we designed ourselves, which makes this quilt even more unique.



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Aumore Wool’s quilt edges are sown by hand. This process creates thinner edges and is thus smoother to touch. We do not use separate pieces of fabric and sewing machines, as this creates thick edges that can rub uncomfortably against your skin. Aumore Wool will not allow this travesty to occur. The Aumore Beloved Quilt comes in all sizes (simply select what you require here on the website), and you can choose to have 300g per m² or 500g per m² of down’s wool or alpaca fleece fill, as well as a third 600g per m² down’s wool option. A gift for your beloved, or for yourself, Aumore Wool’s Beloved quilt will become one of your most cherished possessions. There is no comparison to a night’s sleep encompassed by a layer of genuine loving warmth.