Amaranté RNR


Amaranté RNR (AM Stage 2 and PM Stage 2) A luxurious-feeling, powerful serum that is rich in peptides and vitamins A, B & C. Potent anti-inflammatories calm the skin, reduce pigment, and instigate epidermal remodeling. Stimulates collagen & removal of scar tissue.



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Key Actives Retinaldehyde 0.25% Niacinamide 3.5% (vitamin B3) Symwhite (phenylethyl resorcinol) D-Acetyl glucosamine Songyi (Tricholoma matsutake) extract Brown Algae (Ascophyllum nodosum) extract Glycyrrhetinic acid (active principle of liquorice) Hyaluronic acid including ultra-low-weight hyaluronate. Sodium PCA Anti-oxidants & Anti-inflammatories L –Glutathione Ellagic Acid (pomegranate extract) Willow herb, Chamomile, Carnitine, Aloe, Co-Q10, Cranberry