Alpaca Gold All Seasons Quilt set


The world’s first pure Alpaca Gold All Seasons Quilt set. Two pure alpaca quits in one pack. One for summer, one for spring/autumn and then simply clip them together for winter.



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The summer Alpaca Gold quilt doona is filled with 200 grams per square metre (gsm) of pure Australian grown alpaca fleece which is perfect for summer, super soft and cool. The second quilt in the pack is a slightly heavier version of the summer Alpaca Gold quilt with a 300gsm pure alpaca fibre filling. This is an ideal weight quilt for autumn and spring sleeping comfort when its a little bit colder than summer or in between winter and summer. Clipped together, the two quilts become a third version, a luxuriously soft pure alpaca quilt, perfect for a luxurious sleep on those cold and chilly winter nights. In a winter mode this quilt set will give you the best winters night sleep that you can imagine, super silky softness and so light weight. Enjoy! We are proud to offer you the finest Australian made premium quality pure alpaca all seasons quilt set that you will use every season for years and years. Treat your self, you deserve it. Sleep wel