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Acetone 20 Litre





Acetone 99.5% Water 0.5%
Highest industrial purity grade
Quick evaporation
Cleaning & Household Uses:

Removes permanent marker marks, dissolving the ink as it is wiped away.
Sanities razor blades.
Removes the gunk from stubborn stickers on glass and metal.
Used to clean glass.
Beauty Uses:

Sanitises beauty tools – tweezers, nail clippers, etc.
Add a drop of Acetone to nail polish to prevent it from clogging up.
Soak SNS nails with a cotton bud of acetone using foil to secure it around the nail and allow to soak for a period of time to allow it to remove.
Industrial & DIY Uses:

Clean PVC pipes before gluing
Removes adhesives: Use a cloth to wipe with Acetone and use another cloth to remove adhesives.
Cleans fibreglass resin tools and brushes
Assists with removing paints
Removes silicone, wax, tar, and removes paint residue.
General all-purpose DIY clean-up.
Removes superglue
Available Sizes: 1, 5, 20, 200 and 1000 Litre.

*All information provided is a recommendation. We cannot guarantee the uses as each application has various characteristics and therefore we cannot be certain it will work for you*


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