How to Setup your Account/Shop

We are updating this page as our vendors are requesting. If you need help please contact us by emailing to

Choose One


1. Activate Account
  1. Select a Retailer Package to Activate your Account
2.a. Add Products using Single Add Products Button

** These features will become available after you have successfully activated your account. **

  • Using ItemSync (recommended) – CLICK HERE Automatic and Instant for Woocommerce Sites
  • Using Shopify API Sync (recommended) – Click here Instant and Secure for Shopify Sites
  • Using Single Product Add option – You can add products one by one. Dashboard > Products > ADD NEW PRODUCT
  • Using .CSV file – Manual (all other sites)

    ** It requires technical knowledge. Different eCommerce platform has various restrictions. If you are not comfortable with it or product are not being added accordingly, please send us your CSV file and we will add the products for you which you can edit later as you require. **


Please Upload the .csv file.




Please MUST Include following inform in your product list. 

Name | Short description (if any) | Description | Sale price | Regular price | Image URL | Product URL

If you wish, you can send your product list in .csv format to 

We are more than happy to perform the whole task from downloading Product list from your site and upload it in our platform if you allow us, just let us know after activating your account. 

How to Get Product List?
2.b Add Products using Using ItemSync


(For WooCommerce/WordPress based Stores Only)

We have most advanced way to connect with your store to make sure you can manage your products with no time spent, so that you can focus on your business.

With our customize "ItemSync" you will never have to login at OzHands to manage your products. 

Features of ItemSync

  • It adds all your products* at OzHands instantly. 
  • If you have update/change/delete it at your site, its updates in OzHands as well, which also means it gets updated in Facebook. 
  • You can chose a product not be available at OzHands if you wish. 
  • It is Secure, as secure as WordPress.
  • It only collects products related information.
  • It does not collect any credentials or payment details or information which considers confidential. As a common sense, Product information which are visible to public in you site are not confidential.

Installing ItemSync


After signing up and selecting Retailer Package, please click on the link shown below. It will initiate the plugin download. 

How to Install ItemSync
  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the zip file from your local computer where you have downloaded ItemSync.
  4. Click the Install Now button.
  5. When installation is complete, you’ll see “Plugin installed successfully.” Click the Activate Plugin button at the bottom of the page.

It should have the following Panel in your Product Page. Once you choose a Retailer Package, the information on the panel will change accordingly. 

If you see this panel, then congratulations, OzHands is ready to sync your product, just activate your OzHands account by adding a retailer package and start adding products

If the panel is not visible, please check the Troubleshoot section below. 

How to Add Products


  1. Navigate to Products Tab
  2. You can Bulk add your products by clicking the button shown below


Or you can Add Individually Clicking OzHands Add (hover mouse pointer on your Product Name)


Please do not close your Window or Navigate to Different page until the process is complete. In this process 2 server are communicating with each other which sometime takes few minutes. 


After installing ItemSync, If the following panel is not visible in your Products page, then you need to Remove ItemSync plugin and re-install it. 

Please check if you have put your own site URL Correct, Click on Human Icon to go to Edit Account section.

Please Make sure Site url is correct. 

If It is, please download the ItemSync plugin again and install at your site. 

If still problem exist, please contact us. 

2.c Add Products using Using Shopify API Sync

Adding Shopify Products

We have most advance method to list your Shopify store products at OzHands in quickest way possible. 

  • Delete and Stop Using anytime
  • Add all Products in One Click
  • Update all Products using One Click
  • Secure connection Approved by Shopify
  • It only read Products Detail which Shopify Allowed and Adds in OzHands.

Please follow the 2 steps process to sync your products into OzHands. It should able add about 100 products in 3 min time. 

Syncing with Shopify

Step 1: Getting The API Key
Step 2: Adding Keys in OzHands Dashboard
Full Instruction

Shopify Syncing


Please Login to you Shopify Store Admin, Click on Apps

Click on Manage Private Apps

Click on Create new private app button

Fill up the fields

  1. Private app name - ItemSycn
  2. Emergency Developer email -
  3. Select Read Access
  4. Click Save

Click Create App


It will Bring to this page. Keep the page open and we will come back to this page later. You can copy the keys by clicking on the icon pointed in below picture.

In your OzHands dashboard, Select Shopify as your site platform


It will open the following Fields. 

  1. Go back to your API Page, copy and Paste accordingly.
  2. Click Save Keys

You will see this screen, Click Connect to your site.


After Successful Connection, it will show the following Blue colored Message. 

If you navigate to Products page on your Dashboard, you should find that all products are added. 

Security FAQs

Shopify Is not opensource platform. It has lot of limitation and restrictions.

You are only allowing OzHands to READ your products details, such has images, description and price which are already available to public anyway. We do not receive any other details, in other way of saying, Shopify do not allow it. 

Check out Shopify Community board and Locate the response of Shopify Staff regarding Read Only Product Access. Click Here


Please check if you have put your own site URL Correct, Click on Human Icon to go to Edit Account section.

Please Make sure Site url is correct. 


How to Update Product Datails?

Once you have updated product detail at your shopify site admin, Click in Managed Sycn'd Product > Update all Products

It will update the all changes you have made. 


  1. To update the latest changes you have made in your shopify site.
  2. If you like to list only selected products in OzHands
  3. If you like to remove Selected Product from ozHands
  4. If you like to List all products of your site in OzHands


Must Needed Steps

Please follow the following steps. It is very important to run your store in OzHands smoothly. 

1. Go to Settings > Payment Tab to add your bank details so we can process your proceeds from sale. 

2. Click on Shipping and setup your delivery cost. Customer will not able  to order if no shipping is set. If you Decide free Shipping, please select Free Shipping.

    1. Hover Mouse over Australia text, Edit will appear right below it. Click on Edit.
    2. Click Add Shipping Method
    3. Select Flat Rate and put your flat rate. or Select Free Shipping,
    4. Click on Yellow Marked Button and Set your Shipping information for Customers. 

We advice our vendors to provide free delivery. 

3. Please Click on RMA and provide details of refund policy. Please paste your refund and return policy in Plain Text. 

Send Documents

For Verification Purpose, please provide followings by email

  • You Business Registration Certificate
  • Proof of Business Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement etc)

The above documents will be requested before we process your first payment. 

How to Import Products?

From your online store, you can download/export all your product list in .csv file.

Please send us an email with your Products in a .csv file and we will upload all your products for you.

No need to spend hours adding your products, it can be done within a minute. Most importantly we can do that for you like.


How to Withdraw

Withdrawing Your Earning

Total Earning

Seller could view his total earning from withdraw page.


Withdraw Methods

Seller could select his comfortable withdrawal method from drop-down box in withdraw page.


Minimum Limit

Seller must have minimum limit to make a withdraw request. Dokan owner will set the minimum balance for seller to make a withdrawal request. seller will view the limit in dokan terms & condition and will get email notification.

Withdraw Approve Notification

Seller will get e-mail notification when his withdraw request gets approved by the admin.


Completing an Order

To provide best customer service, to Complete an Order please follow these steps:

  • Please first input Tracking Details of the Item. (Right-Bottom)
  • Then in General Details, Click Edit, from Drop-Down list, select Complete and click Update