Government Regulation requires that Businesses must:

  • NOT to be used for marketing, No Exception
  • store personal information in a secure and safe place
  • destroy personal information after certain days (or otherwise specified)
  • not transfer or store patrons’ personal information outside of Australia.
    Source: Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Completely Complying to Govt. Regulation

– Secure Server located in Australia
– Destroying visitor info Automatically after selected days
– No marketing option
Unbranded – only shows Only Your Business name in Guest Register Form.

How it Works


How it Works?


Simple Signup 

After Signing Up, this will be your Dashboard to Visitor Register 



Print QR Code

Print Button Next to QR code to Print your Personalise QR Code for your Restaurant. 

Your choices of Printing QR Code,
A4 means one copy of QR code in one page,
A5 means 2 copy of QR code in one Page
A6 means 4 copy of QR code in one Page

Print Button Under the visitors list will Print All Visitors details of that Day. 

Simple and Easy

Visitor to Scan

On Scanning QR Code Visitors will see the form below

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paper Register ok?

If you have more than one guest information in a single page, then NO. Because guests can see other guest’s information when they are putting their own details. Also, fraudsters can get all your guest info with once single picture using their phone and all of your employee can not have access to guest register, only manager or responsible can access. 

But, If you have single page for each guest, then yes.

I already Have one!

Regulation requires that visitor information data can not be transferred to Outside Australia, means if you already have an online register, make sure the Server is in Australia. If not then you online guest register is not compatible with the regulation. 

Also, you guest register can not have any marketing option, means no tick box either. Simply the information visitors are putting using contact register form, you can not use the same information for marketing purpose. You have to provide separate form. No Exception! 

Who is OzHands?

OzHands is a Queensland Based company promoting Australian made products and supporting Local businesses. We are working to facilitate export of Australian made products for the Aussie manufacturers and providing an unique option for Australian’s who wants to buy Aussie Made products. 

By using our guest register, you are also contributing to promote Australian made Products.