Fundraising for Australian Made

25% of OzHands sale will be donated to the Fundraising Campaign

Why $3 Million

We are planning to do large scale promotion of “Buy Australian Made” ever happened. We have to spend more money than biggest international brands to get the attention we want. First of all, we want to reserve a section in Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA for Australian Made Only. 

We want to see “Buy Australian Made” in most prominent places in the country for month long. We want to create “Aussie Made” a brand.

Nothing in this world is free, until now Aussie Made are being sold only by referrals of friends and families, hardly any International sale. We want to change that.

Who are we?


We are an online market place only for Aussie made Item. We promote Australian made by making it easy for customer to find Aussie Made items. The first thing we can do is, make it easily available to those people who looks for Aussie made items. 

This campaign is not about OzHands. It about and for Australian Manufacturers and Aussie Makers. This campaign is only about 3 words “Buy Australian Made”.

Who gets the Money?

100% will be spent by the Marketing/Branding Agency selected to perform the promotion. It will one or two of top Marketing Agency in Australia. It will be from the following List –

We will contact them after we reach out funding goal and will provide details of the contract with marketing agency here as it becomes available.